Wednesday, 28 December 2011

YouTube Mermaid Show Contest! :) and Sea Sisters

You know the mermaid show, Sea Sisters, directed by foursimmons, right? If you don't, check them out here:
Anyway they have a really cool show!
Recently Sea Sisters started a contest, and they really need more people to enter. If you'd like to enter, visit this link: I know the link appears broken, but I tried it and it works!

We were looking for more blog post ideas, so Mermaid Maidens decided to send an interview request to foursimmons. They wrote back on YouTube and said OK (thank you, Sea Sisters :) so that will be coming soon.

Sry if this post bored you, but more exciting content coming soon!
Kthanksbye :)

Mermaids Forever,


  1. Umm, did you enter the contest yourself?
    Yea they have a really amazing show i checked it out

  2. Hi Zoe, I can't enter the contest now, but I might later.